Donations go towards the cost of the server, staff, and other expenses. Developing the game and adding new content takes time and our developers are paid for their hard work. We also must maintain the server, monitor the server, pay for internet usage and power. When you donate, that's where your money goes.

Dekaron Energy donate

It is not required to donate in order to play Dekaron Energy. We have and always will keep Dekaron Energy a game you can play for free!


Our preferred method of payment is PayPal.
You do not need a PayPal account in order to donate. You can donate using and major credit card through PayPal as well.

If you are in the United States, you can also donate through your bank account via PayPal or a debit card.

Discounts through the VIP program! When you become a VIP member, you automatically get a 20% discount when you donate! So, if you donate $100.00, it wil only cost you $80.00 as a VIP member.

Learn more about our VIP program.


Get 25% more Dshop coins when you donate until April 30th!


5750 coins - $5.00 USD        
13800 coins - $10.00 USD    
27600 coins - $20.00 USD    
33925 coins - $25.00 USD    
71300 coins - $50.00 USD    
105800 coins - $75.00 USD  
143750 coins - $100.00 USD
250000 coins - $150.00 USD
335000 coins - $200.00 USD

Change account email and password - $5.00 USD

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