You must have a game account in order to vote for dshop coins! If you do not have a game account, you can get one here.
You will only receive your dshop coins when you have finished voting on ALL the voting sites. You will receive 750 dshop coins per vote and you can vote 2 times per day.

Once you are done voting on a site, you need to click the "Next Site" Button. Keep clicking "Next Site" right until the end. Your coins are automatically added to your character as soon as you are finished voting.


To vote, you must login to your game account. You have 3 login attempts.


Username is required.


Password is required.

Enter Security Code:

Security code is required.
Numbers Only.


  1. You can vote once every 12 hours
  2. You ARE allowed to vote more if you vote from a different IP address
  3. We are NOT RESPONSIBLE if you share your account
  4. We are NOT RESPONSIBLE if your account gets hacked
  5. We are NOT RESPONSIBLE if you don't get your coins
  6. We DO NOT replace or give dshop coins if you don't get your coins
  7. If you cannot login, you can reset your password here.
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