We love the game as much as you! Webman started this server after playing many other Dekaron servers. He found that other servers were lacking when it came to player support or they were pay 2 win. Since Webman is an I.T. expert and a programmer, he decided to use his skills to make his own Dekaron server!

In January 2015 we started development for the server. After 3 months of hard work, Dekaron Energy was finally able to go into Beta and open to the public! In May of 2016, Dekaron Energy officially went live!

Dekaron Energy is very unique. We feature 12 character classes and exclusive content you won't find anywhere else! Here's a short video on how to start a new character and what items you receive!


Dekaron is a MMORPG (Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game). The world is called Trieste and you are a warrior playing your role to bring peace and prosperity to Trieste.

You start your adventure by killing monsters that drop valuable items and buffs. Killing monsters gives you experience towards leveling up. Each level makes you stronger and increased your strength, health and dexterity. You get special skills from the skillmaster in Ardeca or Loa castle. You purchase skills, weapons and armor with dil. Dil is the currency in game. You get dil when you kill monsters and bosses.

Check out the video below for a look at the gameplay, maps and monsters you will encounter in Dekaron Energy!


B Key: In-Game help menu
M Key: Opens current map
N Key: Open NPC menu
I Key: Opens Inventory
P Key: Opens party search
R Key: Toggles Run/Walk mode
U Key: Target closest mob / character
V Key: Changes character name/guild view
W Key: Move forward
S Key: Move back
A Key: Move left
D Key: Move right
X Key: Change skillbar
ALT Key: Shows items on the ground
TAB Key: Change equipped weapon
Spacebar: Pick up item on the ground
Page Up Key: Zoom out
Page Down Key: Zoom in
Numbers 1 to =: Cast a skill

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