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1. Now that our inventory is taken care of, move to the yellow arrow from town towards the zone marked as lvl 1-5+. Click a monster to target it and press 1 to use your first skill, or double click to begin auto attacking. Alternatively you can press "U" to target at limited range, and the small key above tab "`" (the ~ key), to auto attack. As you kill mobs, they will drop items. Press "Alt" to toggle item names on or off! Press "Spacebar" to pick up items yourself! Don't forget to summon your pet to help with that!

2. From lvl 1 in Ardeca move your way north through the zone, following the map posted above! It doesn't take long, just a few mobs in each area and we're on our way. Once you hit lvl 15, head to the top right corner of the map and enter the portal to the next zone! Welcome to Deneb.

3. Alternatively, you can teleport to Deneb from Ardeca once you reach level 12! The teleporters are located in the center of Ardeca, shown below!

4. Back to Deneb! Here you will encounter your first quests! Look for NPCs with large "!" exclamation points above them. These are optional, but can provide a decent exp boost in your current leveling zone. Click on the NPC and then choose the quest in their dialogue screen. Once excepted a white "?" question mark will appear above them showing that the quests are not complete. Hit "Q" to read the quest and what needs to be done! When finished the "?" question marks will turn yellow! Also be careful, some NPCs offer the ability to set your return point in that area. DON'T do this! Your return point is set to Ardeca automatically, and you want it to stay this way for easy leveling!

5. You can track a quest by double clicking it in your quest log, which is "Q"! Some quests have you collect items, watch out! Some of these items are collected automatically, and some are dropped from mobs and you have to pick it up yourself. Your pet can also pick these items up, but you will need to move the items from the pet inventory "Y" to your inventory "I".

6. Keep an eye out for these Akris as well! They give you a large chunk of exp and potions. They can be found on most lower level maps.

7. When you've killed or gathered everything you needed for the quest, go to the Completed NPC to turn it in! If you're having problems finding an NPC, press "M" to view your map and click the Find NPC button. Personally, I do the first four quests in Deneb. Two of them involve killing mantis, and two involve killing lizard men. When you finish these you should be around lvl 25! If not, kill a few mobs until you are. You should have received a few Return Scrolls by this level, if not I suggest you purchase a few here! You can also purchase health and mana potions, arrows for the hunter class, and redemption seeds for the Segnale and Seguripper classes.

8. Once level 25 use a return scroll to return to town. Now we've got a few things to do that will greatly improve our leveling experience! As you level up you will receive stat points. Press "C" to pull up your character's stats. Click on the "Points" button and you can spend your points! To break them down quickly and simply, "Str" or strength increases your melee physical attack. "Dex" or dexterity increases your ranged physical attack. "Heal" increases both your health and your shield (shield is only used for PvP). "Spr" or spirit increases your maximum MP as well as your magic damage. I suggest you go to your storage and look at all the stat requirements for your first higher level weapon and use this as a start! Depending on your class you could have and use multiple weapons, so make sure you look at them all! If you don't meet the stat requirements you will not be able to equip the weapon! Armor pieces only have a level requirement.

9. You can also purchase armor, refer to the map above to find the low level armor vendors! There are a total of 5 different armor pieces, Helmet, Armor, Pants, Gloves, and Boots. Buy what you can wear for now. You can also look at the weapon vendors here, but the weapon you started with has been upgraded to +9! Check it's damage out by hovering over it, and compare it to the weapons at the vendor. I generally wait until I can use the highest level weapon they sell, as otherwise we'll lose damage!

10. Now comes the part you've been really waiting on... New skills! Refer to the map above to find the skill vendors. Your vendor generally looks the same as your class. Enter their shop and right click to purchase new abilities. Hover over them to see which ones you can unlock or not! Once purchased exit the shop, and right click the skill book to learn it! Hit "K" to view all of your skills. Once unlocked skills will turn from greyscale to color! Click on a skill and then on a space in your hot bar to equip it!

11. Here are some tips for your skill bar! You can have up to three at a time. In order to show more or less of them click on the small "Eyeball icon", and then on the number of bars you would like to see! If you press the small icon of a "Lock" you can unlock the skill bar, allowing you to move them around. Just make sure you lock it again after as not to accidentally move your skills! Lastly, you can press "X" and "Z" to move forward and backward through the separate skill bars. This allows you to change the bars position and what skills are currently under the 1-= keys! This way you never have to use your mouse for skills unless you prefer it that way. Simply hit "X" or "Z" until the appropriate skill bar is active!

12. Alright, you now know the basics to leveling! From here on out I will list a few zones, their level range, and how to reach them! Feel free to return to Ardeca for new skills or gear, and don't forget to increase your stats! Feel free to explore each map listed below, you may find a type of mob you find easier to farm for your character!

Level 25-40 Parca Temple: Ardeca > TP to Parca Temple > Head north to the Chamber of Lightning > Head to the right side of the map. Here you should find Praus. Farm here until you reach level 40. Be careful when you start! Enemies from this point on will become harder and harder. Take your time in each new area until you are comfortable with what you can fight! On most maps you can pull up to three mobs at a time. Some maps you can pull more!

Level 40-54 Norak Cave: Ardeca > TP to Norak Cave. Here you can fight practically anything until you reach level 54.

Level 54-80 Draco Desert: Ardeca > TP to Draco Desert. Same as before! You can pull decent groups of mobs and AoE them down. Try to stick it through until 80 here! The North East corner has two melee enemies, a giant fly called Teensie and some lizards called Atar. These are easier to pull together and take down!

Level 80-105 Python Castle: Ardeca > TP To Draco Desert > Walk to the Python Castle entrance on the map > Talk to the NPC outside the gate to teleport! Once in this area you may want to be careful. Enemies will start becoming even more powerful and harder to take down without preparation. Stick to the outer area where there are Styx and Carbon enemies, once you get into the 90s you can try to enter the castle in the middle, but the knights here can pack a wallop if you aren't ready for it! Take your time and aim for 105 here!

Level 105-115 Requies Beach: Ardeca > TP to Requies Beach. You can either choose the normal TP, or the Upper TP. I prefer the Requies Beach (upper) TP as it has melee enemies nearby and is close to a solo dungeon! Kill the tigers in the area until lvl115. If you are comfortable with your skills you can then head to the area called "Nunvice Sites" on the map. Here will be the "Nunvice Shrine". The very first option is the lvl 115 version! Their are two higher level versions but I have buggy problems with them myself. Once inside click on the orange "!" exclamation box at the top left of your screen and it will show you the dungeon progress and what you need to do next!

Level 115-130 Aquarius (not to be confused with Aquirai Ruins!): Ardeca > TP to Requies Beach (normal, not upper). Head to the docks and talk to Bingo to teleport to Aquarius! Farm here until you hit level 130. I suggest the top left corner of the map behind the giant ruins. There is a boss inside the ruins you can attempt, but I found them not worth the time. It's going to be slow... this is the point where solo leveling fast becomes impossible. There are group dungeons that I will list below if you are able to find a few people to help or carry you through!

Level 130+ Aquirai Ruins: Ardeca > TP to Aquirai Ruins. From here on out there are no max levels to these levels. There is a point the exp will become nothing compared to the higher areas but feel free to stay until you are either leveled enough to go to the next area, or until you feel like you're no longer getting exp in that area.

Level 130+ Alternate area, Crespo: Ardeca > TP to Parca Temple > TP to Crespo. This area is great if you are leveling with a friend, you can attempt the group Infinite Battle together at lvl 131+. This requires a ticket for entry.

Level 135+ Space of Pilgrimage: Ardeca > TP to Space of Pilgrimage. Most mobs here are good for farming.

Level 140+ You get to this map from the Island Goddess in Ardeca. This is the spot to farm wedding rings, wedding belt, wedding armlet and gems!

Level 150+ The Deadlands: Ardeca > TP to The Deadlands. Going will probably be slow, and just get slower. I highly suggest you begin looking for parties if you can! Ask around in Ardeca by typeing an exclamation point "!" and then a message to shout!

Level 155 Phantomlands / Land of Illusion: Ardeca > TP to Crack in the Valley > Go bottom - right. - Here you can farm the level 155 armor sets and 160 weapons! Be sure to grab the quests from the Crack in the Valley first! There are Daily quests as well!

Level 165+ Dravice Field: Ardeca > TP To Dravice Field. Dravice Field has all kinds of mobs, drops and great exp!

Level 170+ Mitera: Ardeca > TP to Mitera. Here is where you will find the level 170 armor sets! There are 4 bosses in Mitera that will drop the 180 Osmium armor sets too. Or wait til level 175 and get them in Mitera Cave!

Level 175: Mitera Cave. Ardeca > TP to Mitera > TP using Kadie and TP to Mitera Cave - Here you will get the 180 armor sets and the 175 Lightning weapons drop here as well! Other drops like the Immortal Jade bracelets too! There are 4 hard bosses in this map!

Level 185-190 Frozen Castle of Hell: Ardeca > TP to Frozen Castle of Hell. Here you will farm Energy Bracelets, gems and 185 Ultimate Weapons!

Level 190. You have many choices here to level! First, you want to teleport to the Seaport. From Ardeca TP to Mitera > Use Kadie and TP to Seaport.

Level 190 Lost Horizon: TP Seaport > Lost Horizon. You will need a party for this map, but you will level fast here!

Level 190 Sacred Claw: TP Seaport > Sacred Claw. You can solo this map or get a party. Here you can farm Blue Dragon weapon and armor coins, tickets for Seaport Infinite Battle and many other items!

Level 190 Hot Escape: TP Seaport > Hot Escape. Here you can farm Blue Dragon weapon and armor coins, tickets for Seaport Infinite Battle and many other items! Good solo leveling map.

So, there is an easy way to get a character kick started if you can find someone willing to help you! In Ardeca there are EXP Statues!

If you party with a higher level person and they kill a few for you, you'll quickly find yourself in the lower 100s. It slows down in the 120s, but if the person carrying you is nice you can stick through until 131, this allows you to unlock most of your skills, your Trans Up ability, as well as jump straight into some decent dungeons! A great combo for boosting from lvl 1 is Killin Exp Statues until around 120, and then moving on to the Python Dungeon! This does require three people at least, ask in Ardeca using your shout "!" command!

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