Dekaron Energy Terms of Use:

Player Account:
Your account information is kept private. Dekaron Energy nor its affiliates will sell, give or trade your information to any third party.
Dekaron energy reserves the right to email players from time to time with regards to the game.
NEVER share your account information with anyone. Dekaron Energy is not responsible for your account if you share it with anyone.
Staff will NEVER ask for your password. If any player, staff or someone posing as staff asks for your password, report it immediately!
You are not allowed to sell your account. Selling your account to another person will result in the immediate ban of the account.
We track all user accounts by IP address which gives us your location information. We monitor this regularly and will ban an account with suspicious login activity such as multiple logins from different IP addresses.
*** YOU MUST USE A REAL EMAIL ADDRESS!!! *** If you use a fake email account, your account will be deleted along with any characters associated on that account including any dshop coins. We verify email addresses regularly.
YOU MUST BE 17 YEARS OF AGE OR OLDER TO PLAY. If you lie about your age during the signup process, we will find out and permanently ban you.

Player Character(s):
A player may have up to 7 characters on their account. A player may create a new account and have multiple accounts.
Characters cannot be moved or traded to another account.
If a player violates the terms of use, the entire account will be banned, not just the character.
Players may not create character names that have profound language, racial words, religious words, or a variation of a staff character name
A player may not sell his character to another person as all characters are the property of Dekaron Energy. If someone wishes to sell a character, it must be done
through a GM acting as a middleman. Someone can only sell a character for donation value meaning that the buyer must donate the agreed amount to the server.
Coins for the donation will be placed on the account the donation was given to.

Players must be courteos to other players and staff members in game. The following will not be tolerated and will result in a ban:
Our staff is here to help you. You can recognize staff by the [GM] or [DEV] tags in their player's name. Staff will not give gear or dil so please don't ask.
Feel free to report any unusual game activity such as hackers, game bugs, and players that don't follow the rules. Staff will reward players that report game bugs and hackers.
Our staff is here to help, so feel free to ask them questions about anything in the game.

Character Gear, Weapons, armor sets:
Dekaron Energy is not responsible for the loss of any gear, armor, weapon or dshop coins that is lost by the following reasons:

Donations / Dshop coins:
We thank you for donating to help keep our server running! Your donations are appreciated.
Donations are non-refundable. However, we will reimburse your coins if the item(s) you bought are bugged or not functioning so you may purchase other items from the Dshop.

Dekaron energy reserves the right to add or modify the terms of use as they deem necessary.