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200+ Maps

1. First map is Deadman Island. You TP there from BATH Cuda in Seaport. This is a solo farming map. You can farm gems, Energy Crystalines, Argate and many more items. Dil drop is high.

2. Crypt of Disgrace is another 200 map. TP there from Seaport map. This is a big map with mobs, mini-bosses and bosses.
- Doppledangers drop 6% gems and other goodies!

The bosses (Irias, Sellas, Mellas and Illias) drop +7 Solar armor pieces and +7 Blue Dragon Weapons! They are hard to kill so a party is a good idea!

3. Realm of Impurity is another big 200 level map. There are bosses and mini-bosses. They also drop +7 Solar armor gear and +7 Blue Dragon weapons! The teleporter Shroud is also here to bring you to the level 210+ maps!

All mobs drop:
- Blue Dragon Weapon token
- Solar Armor token
- 6% gems
- Buffs
- Dil

All mini-bosses drop:
- +7 Energy weapons
- Energy Crystaline
- 6% gems
- Argate boxes

Bosses drop: - +7 Solar armor
- +7 Blue Dragon Weapons
- 6% gems
- Energy Crystaline


4. Forgotten Temple. TP to Realm of Impurity > Shroud > Forgotten Temple. Mobs in this map have special drops including a chance to get 40% talismans! There are many rooms in the temple and you use the temple doors to move from one room to another:

5. Oblivion. TP to Realm of Impurity > Shroud > Oblivion. This map only has bosses. The bosses drop the level 210 weapons and other goodies. This map also has the Blue Akris which drops the new level 225 weapons!

6. Doomed Maze. TP to Realm of Impurity > Shroud > Doomed Maze.

Doomed Maxe drops are as follows:
- Energy Gold Key
- Golden mechanic wings box
- Annihilate weapon box
- Guardian Armlet
- Guardian Bracelet


This is an exclusive map to farm for 200 wings coins to get your level 200 wings! Level 200 wings are a reward for reaching level 200! Teleport to the wings map from BATH Cuda in Seaport.

Defeat the boss Lab Chief Verdia to get the coin. Only the boss drops the 200 wings coin. it is a rare drop so you will have to do multiple runs.

You need 10 coins to get your wings. Exchange coins for wings at Mala in Seaport or Dungeons base map. The wings look great and have great stats too:


The Tower of Phoenix level 225+ map. You teleport there from Shroud in Realm of Impurity or the dungeons base map.

This map has 2 bosses that drop +7 level 230 armor and +7 level 225 weapons! The regular mobs in the middle room drop +0 230 armor and +0 225 weapons! You also get grade points, high dil, argate, energy crystalines and much more!

This is the first boss when you start in the map

After killing the first boss, go through the any of the doors to the next room:

In the middle room, kill the mobs and get the drops. Be careful of the fire on the floor!

This map drops the best armor and weapons game!

At the top, go through the door to the next room:

The last boss is the Phoenix that awaits you! He drops +7 armor, weapons and other great items!

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